Today’s Most Cherished Freedom

Freedom to do whatever with whomever whenever must be protected at all costs. 

In his January 1941 address to Congress, President Franklin Roosevelt argued for four fundamental freedoms that all people should enjoy – freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.  He added the last two very expansive concepts to the first two that were included in the The United States Constitution and the associated Bill of Rights.  The Constitution guarantees several basic rights Americans enjoy, including freedom of religion, speech, press, and assembly, the right to possess arms, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, and legal protections such as due process, freedom from self-incrimination, and freedom from double jeopardy.  Today, these rights guaranteed by the Constitution are taken for granted, as well as all sorts of economic and social concepts derived from them that are considered entitlements.

The driving thought of our postmodern society today, however, including the rejection of all objective ethics and morality, seems to be more consumed with another cherished freedom.  That freedom is the Freedom to Fornicate.

Dedication to protecting this freedom is often in the news.  The recent battle over the confirmation of a new Supreme Court justice illustrates this.  The right to abortion in the United States has been codified into law not by legislation so much as by judicial decisions.  And the absolute freedom to fornicate requires legal abortion.  Regardless of who was to be seated on the Court and their views on abortion, everybody knew that in the end abortion would remain legal, widely practiced and widely available, and  relatively safe for the woman (deadly, of course, for the unborn child).  But there must be no hint of legal restriction, no hint of disapproval of the procedure.  It must be celebrated as a fundamental entitlement, paid for by taxpayer dollars when necessary.  Without expansive abortion rights, the cherished freedom that often results in the conception of a child as an unintended consequence might be infringed upon.  And so a man who may not believe in this absolute right cannot be considered for a seat on the Court.  (Thoughtful people acknowledge that often abortion is very difficult for a woman, regardless of the circumstances leading to the pregnancy, and not always the result of personal irresponsibility.)

And dedication to this freedom goes beyond the abortion issue, and beyond ideas concerning more “traditional” sexual expression.  Today’s society reflects postmodern thought in rejecting any objective values.  Right and wrong, good and evil, are rejected; one person’s values are as good as another’s, and everything is relative.  Thus, there can be no hint of restriction or judgement of moral ideas.  Freedom to do whatever with whomever whenever must be protected at all costs.  There can be no restriction on individualism, no bias, no restriction of government funding, no speech that might express values that might make someone uncomfortable.

An October 24, 2018 story in the Denver Post was titled “Boulder police said three more women have come forward with reports they may have been drugged at a party or parties on University Hill.”  The article notes that a police spokeswoman “said all of the women went to multiple parties that night…”  The Post had first reported on the story a few days earlier, and other similar accounts have been reported in local media.  Of course, and all reasonable people would agree, no one should ever be drugged by another person, no one should ever be assaulted.  The guilty parties should be arrested and punished.  But one wonders if the young women involved might consider restricting their activities in order to further their own safety?  Probably not.  There must be freedom to party whenever with whomever.   As the late celebrity Anthony Bourdain purportedly noted, “Your body is not a temple.  It’s an amusement park.  Enjoy the ride.”

The Post front-page headline for October 23 was “Fury over reported fed plan.”  The article noted that “LGBT leaders across the U.S. reacted with fury Monday to a report that the Trump administration is considering adoption of a new definition of gender that would effectively deny federal recognition and civil rights protections to transgender Americans.”  A New York Times report was cited indicating that the Department of Health and Human Services was circulating a memo proposing that gender be defined as an immutable biological condition determined by a person’s sex organs at birth.  The memo that would reverse the Obama administration’s action and return the legal definition of “sex” under Title IX civil rights law to what its authors meant: sex rooted in unchanging biological reality. The article concludes, “According to an estimate by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, there are about 1.4 million transgender adults in the United States.”  This proposed policy change is simply an acknowledgement of reality.  Sex is an immutable biological reality, while the idea of gender identity is an invented social construct that can change over time. The two terms are not interchangeable. The authors of Title IX meant biological sex, not gender identity. But to the current way of thinking, there must be no restriction, no judgement on transgender persons.  (We must acknowledge that often, these are deeply disturbed individuals.  Many, perhaps most, have been abused as children.  They need help.)

The October 24 Post featured an article titled,  “Thornton middle school apologizes for not warning about drag queen.”  Apparently, some parents were actually upset by a drag queen being invited to a middle school career fair at a school in the city and school district in which I reside and pay taxes.  The article noted that the person didn’t perform at Rocky Top Middle School in Thornton, but, in costume, merely read a chapter from “Horrible Harry” to show the damage bullying can do.

Increasingly, attitudes about this new freedom are infecting the evangelical church.  Reportedly, Brandan Robertson, a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and an LGBT activist “pastor” at Missiongathering Christian Church in San Diego, recently told his congregation that there is moral equivalence between man/woman monogamous marriage and a group orgy.  The annual “Revoice” conference is billed as “Supporting, encouraging, and empowering gay, lesbian, same-sex-attracted, and other gender and sexual minority Christians so they can flourish while observing the historic, Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality.”  Homosexual, even transgender, clergy are increasingly to be found in the broad church community.

For the Christian believer, however, Scripture calls us to a vastly different perspective on the issues of personal autonomy and moral freedom.  In 1 Corinthians chapter 5, for instance, any sort of immorality is forbidden to be tolerated in the church.  The first chapter of Romans reminds of the moral corruption of human society apart from God and pronounces God’s wrath and judgement against such sin.  Words and phrases are used such as “God gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves” in verse 24.  Verse 26 speaks of “vile passions” and practices that are “against nature;” verse 27 uses the words “burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful” in connection with forbidden immoral activity.  Clearly, the Scriptures maintain a high, objective moral standard – sexual practice confined to monogamous heterosexual marriage and complete faithfulness to that marriage.  Clearly, the New Testament teaches that believers are not autonomous, not free to develop their own standard of ethics and morality in any matter.  Clearly, the New Testament teaches that Christians are servants – slaves – of Jesus Christ.  And, clearly the Scriptures teach us that it is only in Christ that we can attain true freedom.

The late American pastor and author James Montgomery Boice, in his book “The Sovereign God,” wrote that in Eden, temptation to replace God in the matter of his sovereignty, as Satan had himself tried to do earlier, did not bring freedom.  He wrote that “It is true that the man and woman did learn the difference between evil and good, in a perverted way.  They learned by doing evil.  But they didn’t gain the freedom they wished.  Instead they gained bondage to sin, from which only the Lord Jesus Christ through obedience to the Father was able to deliver both them and us.”  Further, “When individuals rebel against God, they don’t achieve freedom.  They fall into bondage, because rebellion is sin, and sin is a tyrant.  On the other hand, when men and women submit to God, becoming his slaves, they become truly free.”   And, “The basic reason why women and men do not like the doctrine of God’s sovereignty is that they do not want a sovereign God.  They wish to be autonomous.”

American pastor Tim Keller recently noted on social media, “Because a fish absorbs oxygen from water, not air, it is free only if it is restricted to water. If a fish is ‘freed’ from the river and put out on the grass to explore, its freedom to move and soon live is destroyed…Real freedom is finding the right [restrictions].”  People will only know true freedom when they live in harmony with their Creator, and submit to His wise, loving authority.

Humankind celebrating individual autonomy in any and all realms leads to disaster. Celebration of aberrant sexual practices and abortion will not ultimately bring freedom; it will bring servitude to regret, guilt, pain, disease.  Only relationship to the Creator and submission to Him will bring true freedom.

First Peter 2:11 tells us, “Abstain from the passions of the flesh, which wage war against your soul.  Reflecting on this passage, the old Puritan Richard Baxter wrote, “To avoid sinful flesh-pleasing, seek the joys above.  Remember that God would give you more pleasure, not less, and that temporal delights are subordinate to temporal delights!”


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